March 20, 2010

The curious case of the Mongoose Toothpick

The Mongoose Bat was making a lot of noise before the IPL started. Now it is making right noise of the ball hitting the bat rather the ball hitting the stands and the sight screen.
When a certain Matt “the monster” Hayden walked onto to field with a normal bat everyone was disappointed that they didn't see the mongoose for the 3rd straight match in row. But in the Match against the Delhi Daredevils, no daredevilry could stop Haydos from using the mongoose and slaying the bowlers. He smashed 93 of 43 balls with 7 sixes and 9 fours with his tooth pick like bat which is really a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)

Why is this Mongoose so talked about?

As you can see the handle of the Mongoose is lot longer and the main part of the bat is shorter than a conventional bat. However the overall length of both the bats are more or less the same. When you play with a conventional bat the ball very rarely hits the upper part of the bat. The meatier part of the bat is the middle part of the bat. That is why coaches say play the ball in the middle of the bat. What happens in a Mongoose is the ineffective part of the bat is done away with. There is no bottom or top half of the wood which is ineffective. So the whole of the bat is like the middle of the bat. The Edges are also thicker and so edges would fly of the bat. The bat also complies with all laws of cricket regarding bats.

If the Mongoose is the better bat why cant we use it in all forms?

A Shark cannot survive out of water but a crocodile can. The conventional bat is like a crocodile and has adapted to various changes and can survive in all forms of cricket. While the mongoose is like a shark it can only be used on flat decks to play T20 cricket. The lack of top and bottom of the part, which gave it the advantage, leads to its downfall.
The main purpose of the top and bottom not being effective is to make the ball die. While playing Test cricket or ODI cricket or even T20 cricket on a lively track, one needs to defend certain deliveries which hit high on the bat and to make it die. If the top is as sweet as the middle, the ball will hit the bat and lob up in the air and you are a goner.
The argument against what I have said is that people hardly defend in a T20 hence the flaw is minimal.

If you a take a look at Hayden’s innings you can notice most of the balls he hit, were full or good length. It seemed like Hayden was controlling the bowlers’ mind and making them bowl full length deliveries. The bounce in the pitch was unexplainably pathetic. When spinners bowled short, the ball didn’t raise even knee high. It remains to be seen how the mongoose copes up with bouncing balls.

Hayden wisely chose the right time and place to use bat and Hats off to him for that. Perhaps this bat might be a tactical tool rather than bat.


Anonymous said...

Very balanced write-up I would say. I particularly liked the fact that you have highlighted its weaknesses as well with particular r.t bouncy pitches where it may be difficult to 'loosen' the bottom hand and let the ball drop.

Syntactically fine as well.

vEnKy said...

@ Srini I always try to have a balance i am glad i achieved the same in this one too.

It is syntactically correct because you corrected them dude

Mural! said...

Informative indeed

vEnKy said...


Welcome murali you are our first outside vistor. Thank you so much for visiting. It was pleasure having you here

Anonymous said...

I second Venky in the welcoming act, Murali! Do come again...