April 8, 2010

How to Switch bowl? And cricketers look-alikes

This video describes how to deliver a "switch bowl" like a "Switch hit" Who said cricket was a Batsmen's game - courtesy Adidas

Here are some personalities who resemble some cricketers

1. Albie Morkel and James Mcavoy


2. Yuvraj Singh and Abhishek Bachhan


3. Tim Bresnan and yours truly ( this is called driving an auto in a cycle gap Big Grin

Ok i believe you guys enjoyed this post and the video. See you people until next post. Leave thoughts on the above.


Anonymous said...

Lol. ingayum pottaachaa adha... nadathu nadathu. :D

Haven't seen the switch-bowl yet. Will watch it later!

Anonymous said...

and yenba onna Tim Bresnan-oda compare panni onna insult pannikkara! ;) :D The guy looks 55, at least in this picture. You, contrarily, do not look a year over fifteeeen! :D

vEnKy said...


Switch is a must see !!.

What? dont say that I am nobody compared he is better cricketer than i ever will be that is why he plays for his country.

It is like seeing myself on the mirror everytime i see him ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol. Btw, my comment was restricted only to the 'looks' :D