May 14, 2010

World T20 Twitter Style


This post is an armchair view of how it would be if all the teams have a twitter account and Interacted with each other.

Before we start let me introduce something to  non- tweeples

wIndia – This is a Twitter handle or a username

@ZIM- @ replies are used for mentions to whom it is addressed

#desp – These are hashtags, which when you click on them, will show collection of the tweets under that hash tag

RT- Means Retweet. If someone likes the tweet, they add RT and once again tweet the same tweet to share them.

april 28th via snubtu- This shows up the date and the application they used to tweet. I have used variants of Snaptu, chromed bird, tweetdeck, web and Friendly.


wIndia: We will win this tournament. We had on-field and off-field practice in the #IPL  no warm up matches for us
april 28 via Terrific   

6pak:  Looking forward to banning players after this tournament.I am cool, my name has 6 packs
april 28 th via wept

Kangaroomates: Good day mates! got to include this cup in our kitty #Desp Bad start, lost to @ZIM in the warm-up match 
april 28th via snubtu

Blackeyedcaps: @kangaroomates u r just a mate we’re the Captain :P #PJ
april 28th via flightless Bird

ZIM: @Bangla @Irishjig @Al_afghan  We can cause an upset
april 28th via revolution

Bangla: @ZIM Irishjig and Al-Afghan are not on twitter. A/c only for Test playing or played nation. Lets ask for reservation quota
april 28th via tweetduck

Poms: You mean Stomach upset? hahaha RT @ZIM: @Bangla @Irishjig @Al_afghan  We can cause upset
april 28th via Snobtu

Proteas: Looking forward to a semi-final exit and a treat from whomever we lose to, in the semis or when we get out of the tournament
april 29th via wept

SriLaanka: Looking forward to play some good crickut on the bouncy wickut
april 29th via  naptu

Windies: Yo maan! all thanks for comin to the West Indies.  Lets party with calypso                      
april 30th via Friendly bar


Poms: @ZIM @Bangla @Irishjig @Al_afghan Indeed we had a stomach upset after eating hot food :P
may 8th via Snobtu

Proteas: oops we did it again but this time a super 8 exit. @6pak where is our treat for losing to you
may 10th via wept

SriLaanka: Crickut triumphs @wIndia change ur handle to bondiya hahaha
may 11th via  naptu

wewillwIndia:  We need vaastu consultant to move WI accordingly with help of hanuman. Our brother @6pak screwed us by getting into the semis
may 11thvia wept   

6pak: @wewillwIndia We have 6 packs you guys have a single pack. Send us a dossier with DNA test results. We refuse your allegation of  being brothers
may 12th via web

6pak: @proteas If  you ask too much we will send some Taliban we are extraditing from our country. Ask at your own risk!
may 12th via unfriendlybar

Blackeyedcaps: @Proteas we’re one of a kind, partners in crime, sad we have to settle for super 8’s rather than a semifinal exit #desp
may 12th via snubbedtu

Kangaroomates:  From @wIndia to @wewillwIndia ROFL  mate you guys are rockstars.Yet another semifinal for us we are bored of winning
may 12th via snubtu

Windies: Yo maan at least we can beat everyone in drinkin rum and dancing to calypso  B-)                      
may12th via friendly bar



Poms:  Lads! first time we played like we invented the game. We want our first trophy ever #epicwin
may13th via Snobtu

Blackeyedcaps: Sun sets in Britain but Piesterson doesnt, after his wife gave birth to a Pietergrandson and gave @Srilaanka a spanking
may 13th via  flightless bird

wewillwIndia: LOL RT @Blackeyedcaps Sun sets in Britain but Piesterson doesnt settle in Britain after his wife gave birth to Pietergrandson and gave us spanking
may14th via web

wewillwIndia: We got bashed in the bar by our fans. No! not the opposition team fans, they love us.
may14th via unfriendly brawl

SriLaanka: We didn't play good crickut. we played inconsistent crickut and payed for it
may 11th via  naptu

6pak: we are playing on the land named after a maulana hope we do well. insha allah
may 13th via naptu

Windies: @6pak thinks Beausejour is  named after a Maulana after i told de pronunciation Bos-e- zoor to dem LOL ROFL
may 13th via snubtu

Kangaroomates:  Yet another final for us. We are not amazed, all you low lives must be. @6pak pack your bags mate! LOL
may 14th via snubtu

6pak: We are going back, at least Umar Akmal facially abused @kangaroomates by wearing a green zinc cream on his mouth
may 14th via unfriendly bar

6pak: @wewillwIndia I will call the USA, lets hold peace talks since we both have crashed out now. Deal ya no Deal 
may 15th via  Friendly bar


Poms: @kangaroomates dress rehearsal for ashes hei?  lets call this final “The bashes”, purists say that t20 has killed the game how apt, isn't it? “ ashes after the bashes”
may15th via Snobtu

Kangaroomates:  @Poms The seeds you sowed in our land is gonna haunt you. Get ready to be bashed
may 14th via snubtu

wewillwIndia: we have first hand experience +1 RT @Kangaroomates: @Poms The seeds you sowed in our land is gonna haunt you. Get ready to be bashed
may15th via unfriendly brawl

Poms: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the champion of them all. Its me its me ! @kangaroomates
may16th via Snobtu

Proteas: @Kangaroomates Looks like you did a @proteas and lost in the final hahaha
may 16th via wept

Kangaroomates:  We lost because, the image of facial abusing was still left in our mind. Here is the twitpic. Thats Faecial vilificaetion mate!
may 14th via snubtu

Poms: @kangaroomates Hahaha you can block all of us but not the ICC #Kangaroomatesblocks
may15th via Snobtu

Windies: Yay! Maan we didnt pull off another bummer we broke even this time unlike the WC in 2007  Dis calls for a Rum pum pum party!!!
may 13th via snubtu

ICC: Congrats @Poms for winning it after 35 yrs @Kangaroomates hard luck. Looking forward to the cramped schedule and more injuries
May 17th via Friendly Bar

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Oh... I DID give my opinion already: BRILLIANT dude, your creativity at its best. I liked the 'handles' especially. hehehe.

And YAY! England won :D

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@Gregory @unofficial Sports ministry @srini
Thanks for your views And srini yeah England won!

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enga da India tweets nu i was waiting :)!

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Well thought. And well written! :)

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Thank you arjit for giving your view

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@Hary wIndia is actually India tweets

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Hey you know what? cricket has always been a sport which most of us cherish to watch on television. The thrills which we experience while WATCHING cricket on TV can never as same as with any other media like radio or internet! I even loathe to read about the cricket in the newspaper if I miss any match. Its just basically a quick look at the scorecard. Anyway the point is reading about cricket has always been boring for me. But man! this post was so creative! and liked the attention given to the minute details and humor was awesome! finally some place where actually i can READ cricket :P

And congrats for being picked by blogadda!


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thank you I'll try to maintain the standard

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Neha has already posted a comment much similar to what I would have liked to post. Well, it was truly awesome. The creativity and imagination are highly appreciable! Some of the tweets you wrote off were superb. Keep it up... I'm following you now, hope to see more such stuff!! Congrats for the Blogadda selection!

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@Tanay: Thank you I will try my level best to keep up with the Standard :-)

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