May 14, 2010

Yet Another Fast bowler Calls it quits

I always knew this was coming but hoped this doesn't happen.  Shane Bond, one of the few fast bowler who can genuinely the swing the ball at pace has called it quits from all forms of the game. First it was Freddie Flintoff, then Bret Lee and then was Shane Bond who called it quits in Test Matches before finally retiring from all forms of the game.

  This Brings us to an important Question which does sound like News channel Poll “Are we making Fast Bowling a rare commodity?” My answer would be an overwhelming yes. The quality of Bowling has certainly decreased thanks to the rules framed to protect the batsmen. Moreover Fast bowlers are now looked like a drop from the heavens above the desert. Where in the old days every other team used to have one of them but for India. Seriously something needs to be done to counter this or else you only see spinners and dipply doply bowlers opening the bowling.

After one season at the IPL  Shane Bond has thrown in the towel from all forms of the game. I hope that includes IPL too, because that might send wrong signals to youngsters. One Has to keep in mind that the world cup is just a year away and I feel he had ample left in him to last one year in 2 forms of the game. To add to it New Zealand cricket team doesn't play that much cricket compared to other teams either.Keeping in mind this not the first time he chose to play for league rather than country, considering the ICL. This is what which left a bad taste in my mouth. Has he done it again to the Kiwis? Lets wait and watch.

Moreover we cannot blame an individual for choosing his livelihood or earning money. Everyone earns money, why should cricketers doing irk angry reaction? But if this trend continues International cricket will soon loose its zing. A stitch in time saves nine, they say, hope something is done and done quickly. 

Leaving all the hullaballoo behind, purely from a cricket point of view Shane Bond has been the the best sight there ever was, there ever is and ever will be at least for me. I grew up watching Bond poking the eyes of the batsmen and make them dance with his swing and pace. I started Bowling  just to mimic his action ended being a decent one.

I leave you with my Idol Shane Bond gunning down his favorite prey the Aussie kangaroo

Ever since I saw this 6/23 I fell for him. Thanks for the memories Mr Shane Bond though you played “Hide and seek with us” throughout your career. All best for your coaching career or whatever you do in your life


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. There's passion, commonsense and even a touch of romance. And why not! Bond was like a Bird in full flight, his action smooth and rhythmic, his jump tremendously smooth and economical and his follow-through a sight! :) I loved watching him bowl, too, and if he had played five to seven years of continuous cricket for the Kiwis without injury interruptions or involvement in breakaway leagues, he might have ended up with 300 sticks in both forms, which would have been tremendous for him and Kiwi cricket.

As it is, he has just left enough memories for people to savour! :)

W.r.t fast bowlers dying, I feel the pitches around the world and the stupidity of some of the rules making it more of a batsman's game are part of the equation. And yup as you say... you cannot blame them if they do not wish to put in the long yards for their country - as it may be a thankless job - when they can make a few bucks in four to six weeks and retire to their cabins in winter, counting off their fortune.

Trivia (and I am sure you know it yourself): Bond is - or at least used to be - a Policeman in New Zealand. No wonder the build which is awe-inspiring! :D

vEnKy said...

@ Srini : We seem to be agreeing a lot these days at least comparatively. Yeah, him being a policeman and breaking down so often is an irony isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

oh, isn't that supposed to be a good thing? ;)

ViShaL said...

Great post...I think the schedules today are so packed that fast bowlers tend to breakdown more often. Cricket boards should work towards seeing they don't end up losing on great players!

vEnKy said...

@ViShaL: First of all welcome to our place, looking forward to more visits from you and the second thing i couldnt agree more with you. Exactly that is what is need to be done whether it will done lets wait and watch.